Beautiful Darling, a documentary film, pays tribute to the short but influential life of an extraordinary person -- the actress Candy Darling, born James Slattery in a Long Island suburb in 1944. Drawn to the feminine from childhood, by the mid-Sixties James had become Candy, a gorgeous, blonde actress and well-known downtown New York figure. Candy's career took her through the raucous and revolutionary Off-off-Broadway theater scene and into Andy Warhol's legendary Factory. There she became close to Warhol and starred in two Factory movies that still shock and amuse today: Flesh and Women in Revolt. Candy used her Warhol fame to land further film roles, and her admirer Tennessee Williams cast her in his play Small Craft Warnings. She dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star, but tragically died of lymphoma in the early Seventies, at only twenty-nine.

Candy's beauty, humor, and early death, the guts it took to live as a woman, the glamorous parties and the famous friends -- most of all the strength of will she demonstrated in her remarkable act of self-creation -- moved those who knew her in her lifetime and continue to gather fans today. It's a story of wild, creative times and of audacious people, but one that has a theme inspiring for anyone, anywhere: whatever the obstacles, be true to yourself.

The film uses both current and vintage interviews, excerpts from Candy's own diaries and letters, as well as vintage footage of Candy and friends.


Production credits:


Writer/Director: James Rasin

James Rasin is a New York City writer and filmmaker. His short film The Burning Ghat, starring Beat writer Herbert Huncke, was screened at the Venice Biennale, and won the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. His short documentary, Gregory Corso Reads From the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, was included in the Whitney Museum's "Beat Culture and the New America", and was also in the Venice Biennale. Rasin has written several screenplays, including co-writing (with Jack Walls) Somebody's Sins, about the lives of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. He has also written, directed and produced Off-off-Broadway theater.


Performers (voice):


Chloe Sevigny as Candy Darling

Chloe Sevigny has been one of the most respected and in-demand actresses of her generation, from her 1995 debut in Larry Clark's Kids, to her Academy Award-nominated performance in Boys Don't Cry, to her ongoing role in the hit HBO series Big Love, for which she won a Golden Globe award in 2010.

Additional voices: Patton Oswalt

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt has appeared in his own stand-up specials on Comedy Central and HBO. He voiced hero Remy in the beloved animated film Ratatouille.


Performers (as themselves):


George Abagnalo

Paul Ambrose

Penny Arcade

Peter Beard

Bob Colacello

Jackie Curtis

Candy Darling

Ron Delsener

Vincent Fremont

Aaron Richard Golub

Sam Green

Pat Hackett

Helen Hanft

Robert Heide

Melba LaRose Jr.

Fran Lebowitz

Agosto Machado

Gerard Malanga

Taylor Mead

Paul Morrissey

Julie Newmar

Jeremiah Newton

Glenn O'Brien

Michael J. Pollard

Ruby Lynn Reyner

Geraldine Smith

Valerie Solanas

Andy Warhol

John Waters

Tennessee Williams

Holly Woodlawn


Producer: Jeremiah Newton

Jeremiah Newton was a close friend of Candy Darling and is the executor of her estate. He co-edited (with Francesca Passalacqua and D.E. Hardy) the book My Face for the World to See: The Diaries, Letters, and Drawings of Candy Darling (Hardy Marks Publications, 1997), and wrote additional material for Mary Harron's film I Shot Andy Warhol ('96). A former president of the STONEWALL Veterans' Association, he works as Film & TV Industry Liaison at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.


Producer: Elisabeth Bentley

Elisabeth Bentley has worked extensively as a writer, most recently being nominated for a Writers Guild of America award for her screenplay for Nanking in 2008. Her writing for non-fiction films ranges from the Academy Award nominated Twin Towers to projects on comedian Tommy Chong and Catholic visionary Dorothy Day. Films written and/or produced by Bentley have appeared in dozens of festivals, including being invited to Cannes and Sundance.


Producer: Gill Holland

Spirit Award-nominee Producer of the Year Gill Holland, of The Group Entertainment, has been involved in the production of over sixty films, including Loggerheads (Sundance '05), Spirit Award-winner Sweet Land, multiple award-winner Spring Forward, comedy The Adventures of Power and documentary FLOW: For Love of Water (both Sundance '08). In 1997 Holland produced Hurricane, written and directed by Morgan Freeman, which was the first feature to win three awards at Sundance.


Investor: Flowerside Creations

Flowerside Creations is a private finance group that makes strategic investments in targeted areas, and with specific entities, involved in the arts and other related fields. Beautiful Darling is indebted to, and would like to thank, Flowerside Creations for their considerable financial participation in the production of the film.



Executive Producer

Michael J. Newman


Director of Photography

Martina Radwan



Zac Stuart-Pontier


Original music composed by

Gerald Busby

Louis Durra



Louis Durra


Music Supervisor

Peter Iselin



Jessica Marx

Zac Stuart-Pontier

Carly Hugo


Associate Producers

Meg E. Newman

Hilary McCutcheon


For Sundance Channel, Executive Producers

Lynne Kirby

Ann Rose


Archival Research

Barbara Gregson

Christina DeHaven

Royce Berkowitz

Derek Darling



Michael Nicolo


Title Design

Deborah Ross Film Design


Title Animation and Typesetting



Assistant to Mr. Rasin and Mr. Newton

Anne Loretto


Additional Photography

Luis Colon

Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

Alan McIntyre Smith


Assistant Camera

Marcela Coto

Ganesh Hennigs


Production Sound

Tyler Cartner

Jesse Flower-Ambroch

Robin Shore


Assistant Editor

Brian Gates


Online Editor

Howard Leder


Music Editor

Trevor Howard


Additional music compositions by

Ben Decter


Post Production Sound Services

Spank Machine, Los Angeles


Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer

Andy Hay


Mixed at Switch Studios, Venice, CA


Sound engineers for Ms. Sevigny

Iaeden Hovorka

Laura Sinnott

Ovasen Studios, New York


Sound engineer for Mr. Oswalt

James Doser

The Complex Studios, Los Angeles


Color Correction

Paul Roman


Post Production Services

West Post Digital, Inc.


Motion Graphics

Daishi Takiishi

Mike Gaines


Production Assistants

Jon Ryan McMahon

Miranda Sajdak

Cymbre Walk

Jenna Friedenberg (digital assistant)


Post-Production Assistants, New York

Brady Walker

Adam Corre


Post-Production Assistant, Los Angeles

Jack Michael Marshall


Editorial Facilities, Los Angeles

Caliban Filmworks


Key Art

Tony Jannetti, Media Wall Design


Production Bookkeeper

Pam Plymell


Clearance Counsel

Michael Donaldson

Lisa Callif


Counsel to Beautiful Darling, LLC

Miriam Stern, Esq.


Songs (in order of appearance):


"My Dearest Darling"

Performed by Etta James

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"Candy Says" (Country Jellyfish Live Version)

Performed by Blind Melon

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