The producers and director would like to thank the following, in alphabetical order, for their very generous and helpful participation in interviews for the film:


George Abagnalo

A long-time Factory member, George Abagnalo co-wrote the screenplay for Andy Warhol’s Bad (1977), and is the author of a novel, Boy on a Pony (2001). He appeared as a photographer in a memorable scene with Candy in Women in Revolt.


Paul Ambrose

Actor Paul Ambrose appeared on stage with Candy in Jackie Curtis's Vain Victory and again, on screen, in La Mortadella (1971).


Penny Arcade

Artist Penny Arcade is a downtown New York star who has performed on stages around the world. She appeared very early in her career with Candy Darling in the Factory film Women in Revolt.


Peter Beard

Photographer and author Peter Beard has documented the people and wildlife of his beloved Kenya -- and also the jet set of the West -- for over forty years.


Michael Cavadias

Michael Cavadias is a performer and actor in New York City.


Bob Colacello

Writer Bob Colacello, a former editor of Interview magazine, is the author of a highly-regarded memoir, Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up, in addition to a biography of his friends the Reagans. He is a special correspondent to Vanity Fair magazine.


Ron Delsener

Top pop concert promoter and theatrical producer Ron Delsener’s career spans over four decades and a dizzying array of artists, from the Beatles to Eminem. He is known as the “Father of the Outdoor Concert”.


Vincent Fremont

Longtime associate of Andy Warhol and currently exclusive sales agent for the Warhol estate, Vincent Fremont is co-author of several books about Warhol’s art, and directed Pie in the Sky, a documentary about Brigid Berlin (2000).


Aaron Richard Golub

Lawyer Aaron Richard Golub is also the author of a detective novel, The Big Cut, and was a writer and producer of the film Factory Girl (2006). Early in his career, he was Candy’s lawyer.


Sam Green

Sam Green is a collector and curator who has established the Landmarks Foundation for the purpose of protecting ancient sacred sites around the globe. He is a former director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, where he held Andy Warhol’s first retrospective exhibit.


Pat Hackett

Writer Pat Hackett collaborated extensively with Andy Warhol on both movies and books. She is most famously responsible for Warhol’s best-selling Diaries, first published in 1989.


Helen Hanft

An Off-off-Broadway star of the 1960’s, actress Helen Hanft has appeared since then in numerous films, stage productions, and television shows.


Robert Heide

Robert Heide is an author of books on popular-culture collectibles and is a highly respected playwright of Off-off-Broadway, beginning with his work in the 1960’s.


David Johnston

Playwright David Johnston’s Candy and Dorothy, which imagines a collaboration in the afterlife between Candy Darling and social activist Dorothy Day, played off-Broadway in 2006.


Melba LaRose Jr.

Avant-garde actress and playwright, lyricist and director, Melba LaRose Jr. is artistic director of NY Artists Unlimited, a non-profit theatrical company. She acted with Candy Darling in Jackie Curtis’s Off-off-Broadway hit Glamour, Glory & Gold.


Fran Lebowitz

A former columnist for Interview magazine, consummate New Yorker Fran Lebowitz is the author of two collections of humorous essays, Metropolitan Life and Social Studies, and a children’s book, Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas, all best-sellers.


Agosto Machado

Actor Agosto Machado has a long and distinguished career in experimental theater, beginning with Off-off-Broadway productions in the 1960’s. He acted with Candy in Jackie Curtis's Vain Victory.


Gerard Malanga

Photographer, poet, archivist and filmmaker Gerard Malanga began his career in close collaboration with Andy Warhol, working with Warhol on films, paintings, and other media through the 1960’s.


Taylor Mead

Known as one of the first underground film stars, actor, writer, and artist Taylor Mead has appeared in dozens of films from the 1950’s to the present day, including such legends as The Flower Thief, The Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man, and various productions of the Warhol Factory.


Paul Morrissey

Director Paul Morrissey is the creator of landmarks of independent film: Chelsea Girls, I, a Man, Trash, and Heat, among many others. He directed Candy Darling in Flesh (1968) and Women in Revolt (1971). During his years of media collaboration with Andy Warhol, Morrissey also discovered the Velvet Underground.

Julie Newmar

From Broadway to film and television, Tony award winner Julie Newmar and her million-dollar legs have been making hearts beat faster for decades. Her 1960’s recurring role as Catwoman in the TV series Batman continues to win over young fans today.


Jeremiah Newton

Jeremiah Newton is the executor of the estate of Candy Darling. He co-edited My Face for the World to See: The Letters, Diaries and Drawings Of Candy Darling (1996) and is a producer of this film.


Glenn O’Brien

Music and style writer Glenn O’Brien was a columnist for Interview magazine and has written for many other publications since then. His influential punk-rock-era New York cable show, TV Party, is the subject of a recent documentary, and he is co-editor of the literature and arts journal Bald Ego.


Michael J. Pollard

Film, television, and stage actor Michael J. Pollard was nominated for an Academy Award, early in his long career, for his supporting role in Bonnie and Clyde.


Ruby Lynn Reyner

Actress and musician Ruby Lynn Reyner starred in the original production of Jackie Curtis’s Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit.


Geraldine Smith

Actress and Warhol Superstar Geraldine Smith began her film career as a teenager in the Factory production Flesh, which also contained the film debut of Candy Darling.


John Waters

Film director, writer, actor, and artist, John Waters has entertained, shocked... and occasionally downright disgusted... audiences with his outrageously funny work for over forty years.


Holly Woodlawn

Superstar Holly Woodlawn starred in Trash (1970) and, along with Candy Darling, in Women in Revolt (1971) for Warhol’s Factory. The author of an autobiography, A Low Life in High Heels, Ms. Woodlawn has appeared in scores of sold-out cabaret performances and continues to work in film today.


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