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"Haunting... fascinating... incredible..." - OWEN GLEIBERMAN, INSIDE MOVIES, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY


"Tender and intimate... immensely affecting and mysterious... brilliantly arranged." - AMY TAUBIN, ARTFORUM


"Extraordinarily sad, touching and compassionate." - REX REED, THE NEW YORK OBSERVER


"Heartbreaking." - HILTON ALS, THE NEW YORKER


"The film isn’t blinded by Candy’s beauty and celebrity; it digs critically, if still empathetically, beneath. [4 STARS]" - KEITH UHLICH, TIME OUT NEW YORK


"DARLING enhances Candy's mystique rather than exploiting it... If today's priced-out, sanitized New York is no longer a place for runaways, let this film serve as an elegy. But if there is still hope for reinvention here, Beautiful Darling may prove that seductive siren that cues the beautiful freaks." - NICK CURLEY, NY PRESS


"Touching... a sad, lyrical reflection on the foolish worship of movie stars." - STEPHEN HOLDEN, THE NEW YORK TIMES


"Supremely involving, strange, funny and moving.... The film is full of compassion, affection and honesty.  I'd like to believe that Candy Darling would regard it... as her proper memorial." - JAMES VAN MAANEN, TRUSTMOVIES


"Riveting... charts her singular, star-struck life with formidable insight and impressive detail... [Chloe Sevigny's] most moving screen performance... a full portrait of the star, with attendant Rashomon-like contradictions." - DAVID NOH, FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL


"Incisive... "Darling" expertly recreates a slice of the cultural history of the '60s while also telling us something about the poisonous addiction of fame." - STEPHEN FARBER, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


"James Rasin has dedicated to Candy Darling... an intelligent, affecting documentary, in which he captures in images the vitality, curiosity, and explosive desire for experimentation with gender, and all other boundaries, of late-'60s New York - but also the infinite melancholy of the few survivors from that era..." - BERLINER ZEITUNG (translated from the German)


"The one film not to miss... Mesmerizing... A tender, funny, and achingly moving portrait." - DENNIS DERMODY, PAPERMAG.COM


"This is not your classic story of a woman born in a male body, but something a lot more special... perhaps the best documentary I have ever seen." - BIANCA FERNANDES, MAHALA


"Auspicious debut... manages to transcend mere nostalgia." - Logan Hill, NEW YORK MAGAZINE


"Sad but sweet... persuasively showcases her innate charisma." - VARIETY


"Compelling... engaging... a sensitive portrait." - JESI KHADIVI, INTERVIEW MAGAZINE


"More than touching. I felt profoundly moved. Really." - JEFFERY WELLS, HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE


"Excellent... has passion to burn." - PETER WONG, BEYONDCHRON.ORG


"A beautiful tragedy." - SAWYER J. LAHR, FILMMONTHLY.COM


"Terrific... You just cannot watch this movie without breaking into a big smile... Even though it is in many ways a tragic story, it is also a wonderful story about somebody who realized their dreams." - STEPHEN SCHAEFER, BEYOND THE SUBTITLES, ARTONAIR.ORG


"A wonderful documentary... a very humanistic film." - Milos Stehlik, CHICAGO PUBLIC RADIO


"An elegant character study that unfolds almost as a mystery as it explores the public face and private thoughts of an enigmatic heroine. The film navigates the contrasts of its subject - beauty and decay, fame and obscurity, masculinity and femininity - to moving and thoughtful effect." - JURY, CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, GOLD HUGO (BEST DOCUMENTARY)


"One of the finest accounts of the Warhol factory, its tragic relationship to its coterie and its profound effect on the lives of its manufactured stars... Rasin and Newton offer us one of the most authentic and personal portraits that factory has known." - HOT SPLICE, the cinema blog of the Northwest Film Forum


"Knowing and affectionate." - KURT BROKAW, THE INDEPENDENT


"Recreates the allure of the Warhol Factory and its dreamy denizens." - FILMNEWYORK'S BLOG


"It was particularly refreshing, and unexpectedly moving, to see Candy Darling's short life so sensitively handled... it's hard to imagine Candy could have received a better cinematic memorial." - STRANGE FLOWERS


"I was really impressed by Beautiful Darling... her presence and story reaches out from the screen to move and inspire..." - EPHEMERITA


"James Rasin has achieved an amazingly touching film." - FESTIVALBLOG (translated from the German)


"Ultra cool cast of personalities, who give great commentary on the period." - FILM-FORWARD.COM


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Director James Rasin was interviewed for the 2010 Berlinale's Teddy Award Diary. Watch the video here.

Stephen Schaefer interviewed director James Rasin at the Berlinale about the making of BEAUTIFUL DARLING for Schaefer's show on ARTonAIR.ORG, BEYOND THE SUBTITLES. Schaefer is a film critic and entertainment writer for the BOSTON HERALD and contributes to USA TODAY and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.


The February 2010 issue of UK HARPER'S BAZAAR has a seven-page, lavishly illustrated, feature article on Candy Darling and the film. Click the cover for a peek!


CANDY: The First Transversal Style Magazine, the latest chic, hot, limited edition periodical from Luis Venegas, contains a feature-length article with director James Rasin. CANDY's first issue sold out immediately... become a fan of CANDY MAGAZINE on Facebook.

Candy Darling: Resurrecting the Ingenue, by Daniel Marsche, is an article resulting from an in-depth interview with producer Jeremiah Newton.

Reactions from BEAUTIFUL DARLING's work-in-progress screenings at Cinevegas '09:


...Suffice it to say that director Rasin... is on the road to making not just a good doc, but a great one.” – Chris Gore,

“A wonderful, insightful documentary with extraordinary footage.” – Victoria Alexander,

"FIVE STARS... Rasin has done an incredible job condensing a massive amount of material... Every aspect of this woman was fascinating..." - Charles Tatum,

“On Thursday [at CineVegas] there were several excellent films. My favorite was a documentary entitled "Beautiful Darling"... It's very good and raw. It's almost Warhol like.” -- Terra King,

"Impressively assembled... Darling is gritty and original and, like its subject, 'has an aura.'" -- Julie Seabaugh, Las Vegas Weekly

“...I love seeing all the archival footage of the scene and the pop art and the glamour. I get swept up in it every time I see it and I think it’s going to be a real discovery at the festival.” -- Trevor Groth, Artistic Director of the CineVegas Film Festival, now also Programming Director for the Sundance Film Festival, speaking to The Advocate.


Beautiful Darling was screened twice as a work-in-progress to enthusiastic audiences at the 11th annual CineVegas Film Festival. CineVegas took place from June 10 to 15, 2009, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and has been named one of the top five gem festivals in the world by Variety. Thank-you's to Festival president Robin Greenspun, artistic director Trevor Groth, and Dennis Hopper, chairman of the creative advisory board! It was an honor to be there, and a thrill to get such a warm response.

Producer Jeremiah Newton and the Beautiful Darling project are profiled in the New York Times article "From the Archives, a Portrait of Candy Darling, Pop-Art Muse and Glamour Girl", published February 24, 2009.